Rajvi Kropperz, Jun 12 -


Content Strategizing for Facebook Marketing

In the world of Digital Marketing, Facebook isn’t new, and it’s pretty much clear by now that every business needs a Facebook presence.
acebook has more than 2 billion users (and still climbing). It’s been more than a decade since Facebook entered into the world of marketing. A few years ago, nobody could’ve dreamt of what the world’s largest social network offers to its users today like selling products via a chat bot, live hosting of 360-degree videos, or even serving both as top news source, as well as offering a marketplace.
But, how about we focus on how to utilize Facebook, to grow your business, and leave a good impression on your customer base digitally??
So, let’s get into the tidbits of Facebook Marketing.
You should always remember one thing; your Facebook page is the face of your business in the Social Media Marketing space. Your potential customers visit your page to know more about you and your customers. In order to appeal to different sets of customers, you can have multiple Facebook pages to boost sales; since, you can target the different groups of customers, by curating specific kind of content for a specific group.

Before creating content for your audience, you must identify your Facebook audience. So, take a step back, and assess the buyer personas of your marketing strategy at large, to determine the right set of audience. Here, the buyer personas, or the customer avatars, whatever you prefer to call it, can be used to develop relevant content, and products, to better relate to your target customer segment. An understanding of the challenges and desires of your persona, can help you determine which content is the best to post, and thus you can decide the proper positioning of it. To build a proper market relevant customer avatar, surveys and interviews of diverse groups of people, prospects, leads, clients, and referrals can be done to gather background knowledge of your industry domain. Thus, you can learn about their ultimate goals and biggest challenges, and the resources they depend on to learn and hone their skills, and develop relevant content for them.

Happy Marketing!!

Next, I would like to stress upon the content offered by you, in terms of Social Media Marketing. You must curate unique and innovative content, with the right amount of humor and sarcasm (it actually works!) in them. Your creativity is going to help you to be ahead of your competitors, since you can come up with fantastic ideas for your Facebook marketing campaigns. In order to make your content go viral, you can curate content which is motivational and yet hilarious at the same time. But, don’t forget one thing ---- the creative content developed by you must be relevant to your main product, in order to get the proper kind of engagement. Also, take a close look on the Facebook pages of your competitors, to evaluate their content and posts. Analyze the range of content mix, the engagement they are getting, the post frequency, visual quality, and most importantly the response time and quality from their business.

Marketers also have the option for paid advertising on Facebook through Facebook Ads. They are a unique way of creating brand awareness, which can generate more leads, by displaying the most relevant content to the right set of audience, in an innovative way. You can use Facebook Ads to communicate your brand story, as it lends you the perfect way, to connect and build relationships with your prospects and potential customers. Facebook recently published a study, which states that creating a series of ads, which highlight the key brand messages to the audience, rather than selling items, increases the overall conversion rates up to as high as 87%.
Last but not the least, keep one thing in mind, Facebook has become a very crowded place, and the only way to survive amidst this sea of 1.56 billion daily active users and 70 million businesses, marketers need to focus on curating unique and awesome content to stay relevant and thus drive sales. You got to be helpful and deliberate. And, to really reach the pinnacle of Facebook marketing and Social Media Marketing, you gotta be inbound, otherwise, you can easily get lost in this digital sea.